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Treadstone® R1 Sound Attenuating Mat

Treadstone™ R1 Sound Attenuating Mat is a diamond studded membrane made of a mix of UV stabilized recycled polyethylene, laminated to a polypropylene fabric. The rigid studded technology of R1 delivers superior durability and enhanced acoustic performance in the most challenging of projects.

Treadstone™R1 is loose-laid over the substrate and then covered with a uniform thickness of an approved Treadstone™ Underlayment Product. Mechanical Fastening is not required, providing a system prole thickness as thin as 7/8” (22.23 mm).

  • In conjunction with 3/4” of Treadstone™ Underlayment, the installed system can reduce impact noise (IIC) up to 12 dB in wood framed assemblies. Refer to Treadstone™ Acoustical Design Guide for acoustical test performance, or contact Formulated Materials for specific test data.
  • Polypropylene barrier fabric • Low profile; .12” or 3.05mm
  • Excellent noise control performance with a spectrum of floor covering options. • Industry leading compression resistance
  • Because this system is embedded, noise problems are reduced, even when floor coverings are changed or replaced
  • UL listed in over 0 designs, for specific design or data contact us at

Treadstone™R1 Sound Attenuating Mat in conjunction with an approved Treadstone™ Underlayment, is recommended and approved in;

  • • Multi-Family Construction
    • Apartments
    • Hotels
    • Condominiums
  • Residential and Single Family
  • Commercial Office Space
  • Renovation of old wood frame or concrete structures

 Raw Material   Polypropylene

 Weight EN 1849-1 lb/sq ft 0.019

 Thickness EN1849-1 mil 11.811

 Width  in 39

 Water Penetration Resistance EN ISO 1928  watertight

  EN 13859-1  W1

Raw Material  Blend of Polyethylene and Polyrpoylene

Weight lb/sq ft0.077




WeightEN 965lb/sq ft 0.10

Thickness EN 964-1inches 0.12

Adhesive overlap tape   Butylic Adhesive

 Width with flap  in 39

Length ft 98.25

Roll area ft2 370

Roll weight lb43.2

Rolls per pallet n6 standing


Clean, remove all foreign matter from surface. Surface must be dry.


Treadstone™ R1 Sound Attenuating Mat is to be installed by a licensed Treadstone™ Dealer. The building must be closed in with a minimum of 50 degrees F, maintained for a period of 5-7 days during and after the installation of Treadstone™ R1 and Treadstone™ Underlayment. R1 is loose laid on the suboor with seams tightly joined and fastened by peeling plastic lm from butyl strip of overlap ap, and pressing rmly to the adjoining R1. The perimeter of rooms, adjoining walls, all xed objects, and mechanical penetrations must be isolated with Treadstone™ Perimeter Isolation Strip.


Store in dry conditions.

  • Treadstone™ R1 is only one component of the oor ceiling assembly and overall noise reduction strategy. While using Treadstone™ R1 will improve the overall acoustics performance of the assembly, the exact amount or minimum performance cannot be guaranteed. Formulated Materials recommends contacting an acoustical consultant for recommendations regarding the acoustical performance of any and all projects.
  • To minimize risk of damage to the Treadstone™ Underlayment, installation of R1 and underlayment is recommended after drywall. For installation prior to drywall, contact Formulated Materials for recommendations.
  • Treadstone™ Underlayment thickness/compressive strength recommendations
    • Residential/Multifamily Construction: 3/4” (19.05mm) at 2,000 psi minimum
    • Light Commercial: 3/4” (19.05mm) at 3,000psi minimum

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