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Treadstone® Sitemix SL

Treadstone™ Sitemix SL is a unique proprietary formulation technology delivering an aggregate free self-leveling underlayment. Being aggregate free, Sitemix SL provides a lightweight, low-density, high flow leveling underlayment. Meeting load restrictions make Sitemix SL an economical and ideal solution. Sitemix SL achieves a smooth, flat, monolithic surface meeting/exceeding the toughest floor covering requirements. Performance characteristics allow for minimal to no surface prep, simply clean, prime, and pour. Sitemix SL is the ultimate in underlayment performance.

Treadstone™ Sitemix SL is approved for use over fully cured or existing concrete, wood, or other clean structurally sound substrates meeting L/360 deflection criteria.

  • Engineered blended cement, containing polymer modified portland cement
  • Fast setting, light trade traffic 4 hours, normal traffic 24 hours
  • Compressive Strengths up to 4500psi when fully cured
  • Recommended thickness 1/8” to 1” in a single pour•Requires little to no surface prep: clean substrate, prime using approved primer, pour
  • Ideal for smoothing out of level, old, or damaged concrete substrates
  • Dense, smooth, abrasion and crack resistant surface
  • UL listed, for specific design or data contact us at
  • Installed by a technically trained network of Licensed Treadstone™ Dealers

Sitemix SL is recommended and approved in:

  • Multi-Family Construction-Apartments-Hotels-Condominiums
  • Residential and Single Family
  • Commercial Office Space
  • Renovation of old wood frame or concrete structures

 Color Gray

 Physical State Powder

 Flow Self-Leveling

 Water per Bag 3 to 4 US Gallon

 Compressive Strength ASTM C742 – Up to 4500 lbs

 Wet Density 110 to 120 lb./cu. ft.

 Dry Demsity 90 to 100 lb./cu. ft.

 Recommended Thickness 1/8” to 1” in a single lift, contact Formulated Materials for recommendation

Yield 46 sq. ft. at 1/4” depth

80lb Bags; 49 bags per pallet
2960/2800 lb Supersack


Clean, remove all foreign matter from surface. Surface must be dry. All loose or weak material on substrate must be mechanically removed. Use Treadstone™ recommended primer prior to pour. With new dust regulations it is important not to use oil based floor sweeps, as proper adhesion of the underlayment to the subfloor or finished floor covering to the underlayment will be unachievable.If moisture vapor conditions exist, test to ensure proper MVER limits, not to exceed 5 lbs. per sq. ft. for 24 hours per ASTM F-1869.


Treadstone™ Sitemix SL is to be installed by a trained, licensed Treadstone™ Dealer. The building must be closed in with a minimum of 50 degrees F, maintained for a period of 72 hours during and after the installation of Sitemix SL. Adequate ventilation is required to ensure proper curing, for more information regarding drying conditions contact Formulated Materials or refer to our Recommended Jobsite Conditions Document. Once Sitemix SL is installed and fully cured, use Treadstone™ Surface Sealer prior to the installation of all glue down or thin set floor coverings. Floor covering Manufacturer’s recommendations supersede all others. 


Store in dry conditions.

  • No Single Installation (or lift) of Treadstone™ Sitemix SL should exceed 1” in depth, contact Formulated Materials for designs requiring greaterdepths.
  • Intended for above grade applications, in applications where Moisture Vapor Emissions are possible, a moisture vapor barrier is required. SubstrateMaximum MVER of 5 lbs. per sq. ft. for 24 hrs. per the calcium chloride test method, ASTM F-1869.
  • After installation of Sitemix Leveler, and before construction resumes, provide adequate protection from heavy wheeled or concrete loads.
  • Do not install on or below grade level, except when well drained properly prepped applications occur (Contact Formulated Materials for specificrequirements).
  • •Minimum L/360 Deflection Criteria for framed floor ceiling assemblies is required.
  • Not intended as a wear surface or finished floor, Sitemix SL must be covered with a properly installed floor covering.•Not for use as a structural element.
  • Not intended for exterior applications or any situation where long term exposure to water is possible.
  • For applications other than foot or light rubber wheeled traffic, the substrate must be mechanically profiled to a minimum ICRI CSP 3 to enhancethe bond to the substrate.
  • All moving cracks or expansion joints in the substrate have to be honored through Sitemix SL.

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